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How to follow Apple's special event next Wednesday, September 12th

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A few days ago, Apple invited the press for a special event to be held next Wednesday, September 12th.

The keynote that will take place at the Steve Jobs Theater, the Apple Park auditorium will start at 10:00 am through the local Cupertino schedule, which is equivalent to only 14h by Braslia time.

What to expect?

Coincidentally, 9/12 exactly the same date as that event last year. In tradition, since the iPhone 5 in 2012, Apple has launched its new generation of iPhones always in the month of September.

So yes: come to the iPhone Xs, and we've already seen an official photo of him. This is practically confirmed as the name of the direct successor to the iPhone X, so we're not even using quotes anymore. We will also have a larger model that is very likely to be called ?IPhone Xs Max? (yes, goodbye to the suffix ?Plus?). In addition to these two, it is possible that Apple will launch a third device ("iPhone 9"?) A little cheaper.

Since 2016, Apple has used this same September event to launch new watches. And, as we have also seen an official photo of the new one, we can enclose that in that same keynote she will launch the ?Apple Watch Series 4?.

Furthermore, expectations remain for the long awaited and delayed launch of the base AirPower, as well as the wireless charging case for AirPods. Do not wait, in this keynote, new iPads or Macs these should stay for October, in another special event or in announcements made on Ma's own website.

Leaving the hardware and going to the software, most likely soon after the end of the keynote Apple will make available to developers the compilations Golden Master (GM) iOS 12, watchOS 5 and tvOS 12; that of macOS Mojave 10.14, we believe, to be for later.

Apple Live Streaming

Apple has already confirmed that transmitting the keynote Live via streaming video.

Apple Broadcast of the 12/9 Event

It can be followed by either the company's website (requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running Safari on iOS 10 or higher; a Mac running Safari on macOS Sierra 10.12 or higher; or a PC running Microsoft Edge on Windows 10; and Apple even mentions that users of other platforms will be able to access the stream using recent versions of Chrome or Firefox too) as well as a second generation Apple TV (or higher) with the latest version of your operating system installed.

Update: for the first time, Apple also announced that it would broadcast this keynote via Twitter.

Alternatively, anyone who wants can download and follow the unofficial app Apple Events for macOS developed by the Brazilian Guilherme Rambo and follow the transmission by him, too (also supports transmission to Google Chromecast).

MM Live

Even with Apple's live broadcast, our MM Live is guaranteed, with event information brought to you in real time, point by point, in Portuguese.

MM Live for the 12/9 event

It is a great complement to the official Apple broadcast and a perfect alternative if you cannot follow the broadcast itself at the time of the keynote (it will be commercial time in Brazil, after all), since we do MM Live both in text and with images and it works well via desktops or mobile.

We will start our live blogging 1:45 pm.


Twitter logo (bird)

For those who cannot follow everything in detail during the keynote, we will post on Twitter at @MacMagazine the main highlights of what is being announced by l.

We don't want to flood timelines others, so the idea is just to post some tweets during the entire event.

Full articles

Obviously, while all of the above happens in real time during Apple's presentation, we will have a team working hard on full and detailed articles on everything that is announced and what else is going on here for the site.

Although the keynote itself lasts between 1:30 am and 2 am (maximum), normally, our coverage extends until late at night depending on the volume of news, of course.


A priori, we will record issue # 292 of MacMagazine On Air on Thursday (9/13) night, the day after the keynote. If there isn?t that much to cover on Wednesday (which is unlikely), we?ll try to record on the same day.

New podcast cover - MacMagazine on Air

Exceptionally, due to the importance of the event, we will open the live recording for everyone here on the site (something that is normally closed to patrons). Stay tuned!

Wallet Tennis

As well as tradition, we created a ticket that you can place in the iPhone Wallet app in order to be informed just before the special event starts.

Add it by clicking / tapping below:

Ticket for the 12/9 event wallet

MM Live

in MacMagazine

Rack for WalletRequires iOS 6 or higher Compatible with iPhones / iPods touch

Badge - Add to Apple Wallet

Or scan the following QR code through Wallet, tap the plus sign (+) in the upper right corner, choose ?Scan Code? and point the camera:

QR code of the ticket for the 9/12 event

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