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Here are the likely prices of the new line of iPhones

After presenting a smartphone from $ 1,000 last year something that seemed unthinkable until recently, and then quickly became the new standard value for flagships from major manufacturers, few people expect Apple to take another step up its iPhone price ladder this year . And, according to information obtained by the German blog Macerkopf (Google Translate), this shouldn?t happen, even at least in the gringa.

The blog, which cited sources close to the subject, said the new "iPhone 9" (6.1 ", with LCD screen)," iPhone Xs "(5.8", with OLED screen) and "iPhone Xs Max ?(6.5 ?, with OLED screen) will occupy the exact price ranges of the current iPhones 8, 8 Plus and X in Germany, that means 800, 910 and 1,150, respectively. Nothing was said about the conversion of prices to dollars, but considering the equivalence of the values ??in euros and in the American currency, everything suggests that the new iPhones will cost the same also in the USA, that is: $ 700, $ 800 and $ 1,000, respectively (this, of course, for the entry models, with a supposed 64GB).

Of the three models, the only one whose price may raise some suspicions is that of the ?iPhone Xs?. If you remember these Ming-Chi Kuo forecasts, the analyst set a few months ago values ??that match those speculated here for both the "iPhone 9" and the "iPhone Xs Max", but the successor model of the iPhone X, according to Kuo, would arrive for $ 800-900. It makes sense: it is more likely, after all, that the difference between models with OLED screens is $ 100 instead of $ 200.

Here is the possible price range for the new line:

Capacity ?iPhone 9? ?iPhone Xs? ?iPhone Xs Max?
64GB$ 699$ 799-899$ 999
256GB$ 849$ 949-1,049$ 1,149
512GB$ 1,099-1,199$ 1,299

The advantage in this new Apple scheme is that the direct successor to the iPhone X (at the second order, called ?iPhone Xs?) will have a lower value than the existing device, occupying a similar or slightly current price range of the iPhone 8 Plus . His brother is bigger than the infamous $ 1,000 smartphone of the new line and the most expensive in the family.

Obviously, these forecasts cannot be taken for granted (price rumors are always shaky in terms of consistency) and, more importantly, do not mean that the values ??of iPhones in Brazil will remain the same. As we well know, our real darling is in a wave of brutal devaluation in relation to the dollar and, with that, it may be that Apple is reserving us another feared upward adjustment. Are we about to see the smartphone of $ 8,000 +? We'll see

via AppleInsider