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European Commission approves acquisition of Shazam by Apple

At the end of 2017, Apple acquired the company Shazam (yes, the one famous for providing an app that recognizes the music that is playing), in a deal that, according to the rumors of the time, was in the $ 400 million range. However, the business had not yet been established since the European Commission decided to investigate the acquisition after countries suspected of violating antitrust laws. And that investigation is over now.


According to the Reuters, the EC approved The business, stating that the antitrust investigation showed that such an acquisition would do no harm to the market.

Here is the statement by Margrethe Vestager, EC antitrust commissioner:

After thoroughly analyzing Shazam's user data and music, we found that Apple's acquisition of them would not reduce competition in the music market. streaming digital music.

IOS already has native Shazam support (if a song is playing, just ask "What's up, Siri, what song is that?" To find out the name of the track). It remains to be seen, now, what are Apple's plans for this purchase.

via AppleInsider