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Apple Maps: More U.S. locations receive public transit information; 10 locations have already received interior mapping in shopping malls

While many parts of the world expect improvements and expansions in the Maps, Apple continues to very slowly improve app / service features in places still within the United States.

According to the iOS 11 resource availability page, the last places to receive public transport information were Tampa (Florida), Milwaukee (Wisconsin) and Omaha (Nebraska).

Milwaukee Maps

In Tampa, the transit options available include the TECO electric tram system, several bus lines and Amtrak, which connects to other areas in the state of Florida.

In Milwaukee and Omaha, in addition to the Amtrak routes, now those in both areas can also choose to view the routes of the available bus lines.

In iOS 11, Apple also provided interior mapping for several airports around the world and also shopping malls in London, England, and in some places in the USA, namely: Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, San Jose and Washington.

In order not to lose the custom: Apple, we here in the land of Carnaval still wait, patiently, for the arrival of directions turn by turn on their maps so that, for example, CarPlay becomes minimally useful for Brazilians. How much longer, huh? ?

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