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Apple is already worth $ 1.103 trillion; Amazon comes close behind and touches the $ 1 triple mark

We are on the eve of yet another special Apple event in which we will get to know the new iPhones and the ?Apple Watch Series 4? (we may have more news, such as the arrival of the AirPower and, who knows, a new generation of AirPods). And who is surfing the wave of rumors to $ AAPL.

After breaking another record last Friday, the company's stock rose today 0.32%, now valid $ 228.36. During the auction, the maximum price reached was US $ 229.18, also a historical record. As a result, the market value of Ma increased a little more, to $ 1,103 rail.

But don't you think that Apple is alone in this. For some time the shares of Amazon ($ AMZN) are in an incredible rush, too. Today, her papers closed the day $ 2,039.51, after a high of 1.33%. This raised the market cap company to $ 994.75 billion. During the day, however, the shares were worth $ 2,050.50, which made Amazon surpass the barrier of $ 1 rail in market value for the first time just over a month after Apple beat that mark. To officially reach $ 1 trillion, stocks need to rise by just over half a percent.

In all probability, moreover, that at some point in the short term Amazon will overtake Apple and become the most valuable company in the world, taking into account its strong growth in order to have an idea, the value of the shares simply doubled in the last 12 months! Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, today the richest man in the world with an estimated fortune of $ 166 billion, according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Regardless, the two companies have already made history! ?

via TechCrunch