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Apple-certified third-party Lightning / USB-C cables could arrive in 2019

Want to buy one Lightning cable to USB-C? At the moment, you only have two options: spend a fortune with the official Apple accessory (more precisely, R $ 120 for the 1m cable or absurd R $ 220 for the 2m cable) or resort to non-certified accessories which I do not recommend for the simple lack of security that they bring.

This is because cables of this type are not covered by Apple specifications in your program MFi (Made for iPhone / iPad / iPod) and therefore Ma does not issue certificates to them. The scenario, however, may be about to change.

According to the blog Macotakara (Google Translate), Apple will soon introduce in the MFi program the specifications for third-party Lightning to USB-C cables and the first certified accessories will hit the market in mid-2019, perhaps a little late considering that, it seems, iPhones that will be presented next week will come with a cable of the type in the box instead of the traditional Lightning / USB-A. Better late than never, however.

It is good to note that these new certified USB-C cables may be slightly more expensive than USB-A cables that have been on the market for years. This is because the Lightning connector used on them must be of a slightly different type, already used in Ma's official accessory, which supports higher energy rates for fast charging. According to sources, this component would be about US $ 0.50 more expensive for manufacturers, but this value, of course, multiplies in the final price for the consumer.

With this news and the release, a few months ago, of MFi accessories with USB-C ports, the way is open for manufacturers to create their own wired fast charging solutions. Good news, huh?

via 9to5Mac