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Analysis: iPad mini screen is not Retina, but surpasses that of iPad 2

Launched last month, the iPad mini arrived with technical specifications similar to those of the iPad 2, bringing only a few minor differences like Lightning connector and stereo speaker.

Precisely for this reason, Apple was criticized for offering ?outdated? hardware without a Retina display. However, performance tests have already shown that the iPad mini is not far behind its second and third generation brothers in terms of processing power. Now, the people at Repair Labs brought a comparison between the screens of all iPads, showing that, although the screen of the smaller tablet is much smaller than the Retina screens, it is still much better than the display of the iPad 2.

IPad mini screen and iPad 2 screen viewed under a microscope

IPad mini screen (left) and iPad 2 screen (right) viewed under a microscope.

Concentrating the same amount of pixels in a smaller space, the screen of the iPad mini has a higher density than that present in the screens of the first two generations of the Apple tablet: 163 pixels per inch. For comparison, the iPad 2 screen has 132 pixels per inch and the Retina screen has 264.

If you are interested in images of blue, red and green objects seen under the microscope, be sure to access the full article by Repair Labs, which shows the difference between the screens of all generations of the iPad.

(via TechCrunch)