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Alleged screen of the new Apple Watch will show much more content

We have already seen here an official image of ?Apple Watch Series 4?. We know that it will have a screen approximately 15% larger, as well as a display capable of supporting up to eight / nine complications (we have no way of saying whether the calendar complication is two or just one). Now the Brazilian developer Guilherme Rambo is back with more news related to the watch.

According to the code explorer, information found in the last beta version of watchOS 5 indicate that the clock screen resolution will be 384480 pixels. As a comparison, the current resolution of the 42mm model is 312390 pixels. In addition to the enlargement of the screen itself, which does not mean a physical increase of the watch case / structure (it has everything to remain the same), it is very likely that the new model has a higher pixel density, which contributes to this new resolution.

Rambo then decided to run some tests on the Simulator modified from Xcode to see how these extra pixels can actually contribute to our experience with watchOS for testing, he imagined a density of 345 pixels per inch. It is good to note that the apps / features tested by Rambo, obviously, are not adapted to this supposedly higher resolution, so all you can do now is to use your imagination a little to think how such apps would look on this screen about 15% bigger.


This comparison made me remember the difference we saw when the iPhone X was launched, with its 5.8 ? screen (slightly larger than the 5.5 ? screen of Plus models). The comparison is not the same because, in the case of the iPhone, the screen was more "stretched / high"; in the case of the Apple Watch, we will gain space on all sides. Anyway, it is still a good base.

Although the possibility of space for more content on the Apple Watch is great news, we have to hope that developers adapt their creations to the new screen size so that everything is not clumsy and underused.