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Windows 10 gets new icons five years after launch

Microsoft renewed almost all Windows 10 icons. The update, which will be done in a phased manner, will transform the appearance of the operating system and only part of what the technology says has been a "process conducted over several years".

Microsoftafirma's design team wanted to move away from the deadly colors of today's cones, thus moving closer to brighter tones, which are in line with the brand's current look & feel.

tek Windows 10 app The evolution of the Calculator icon in the latest Microsoft operating systems.

One of the concerns was to create cones that contrast with each other, so as not to confuse the user. One of the basic ideas of the renovation was to facilitate navigation, making the whole experience more intuitive.

Note that Microsoft has not made any kind of aesthetic adjustment to the Windows 10 icons since 2015, when the operating system was launched. The remodeling became imperative at the time when the technology revised the appearance of Office icons, which, since 2019, seemed to be ahead of the time when the rest of the software was found.

The Calendar and Mail icons will be the first to change, and the rest will be gradually updated over the next few months.