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WhatsApp is already testing money transfer between users in India

This type of service is not so common here in Brazil. I speak of the transfer of money by cell phone, something that in the United States proliferates in services such as Apple Pay Cash, Venmo (from PayPal), Facebook Messenger, among many others in Brazil, I would say that one of the most prominent apps / services in this area is PicPay .

But imagine if an application with the Whatsapp decide to bet on something like that; would it avenge? This is exactly what those responsible for the most used messenger in Brazil are doing. But calm down: before you get excited (or not) with the possibility of sending that money that you owe to your friend / family member by a simple message on WhatsApp, let's go to the details.

Money transfer between users on WhatsApp (in India)

The first thing you need to know is that this feature is being tested in ndia. For example, the payment system peer-to-peer (in Portuguese, point-to-point), uses the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), an instant real-time payment system developed by the National Payments Corporation of India, which basically facilitates interbank transactions. On the resource screen, shared by the MacRumors, we can see a list of banks that are already participating in the game.

The UPI is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India and functions as an instant transfer between two bank accounts on a mobile platform. The same system is also used by the Swedish telephone number search service Trucaller, which introduced a payment facility between users in India through a partnership with the ICICI Bank last year.

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I received yesterday

Still according to the MacRumors, the payment system may be ready for launch in India in the first quarter of 2018. The big problem here is to understand what is the expansion plan of this service by WhatsApp, not least because this system used in India most likely does not work in other countries of the world here in Brazil, for example, we use the SBP (Brazilian Payment System).

We'll see.

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