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We tested and verified: changing the country of your App Store account is no longer as traumatic as before

In an ideal world, we will have a single global account for internet services. However, due to countless bureaucracies, local laws, licensing agreements, monetary adaptations and the like, it doesn't work that way in practice.

In the case of Apple, when you are going to create an ID (to access iCloud, iTunes / App / iBooks Stores, Apple Music, etc.) you need to define your country. Usually people don't even think about it (why, each one chooses the country where they live), but for many years Brazilians preferred to put their IDs in the United States because we had access to non-existent content here remember the category Games, on the App Store? ?

Well, recently, things have improved a lot for us Brazilians. Nowadays they are rare, the things that we can not find here and, to improve the situation even more, a month ago Apple started to charge everything in reais with fairly fair prices, say.

Considering all of this, many who still use American accounts may be considering migrate them to Brazil. And that, my dear, was a problem until a while ago. Fortunately, today things are much more relaxed and, as indicated by some readers, we did a practical test ourselves to prove what we had heard about.

What has changed?

Until a while ago, when you migrated your country App Store account, all your shopping history was gone. It was even possible to download apps already purchased, but you had to manually go to their page and when you went to buy / download, the store warned you that you already have that item before.

Fortunately, Apple today actually transfers the user's entire purchasing history from one country to another. It is even possible to view and download items (apps, music, books, etc.) purchased from the original store and which are not available in the new store, but in the case of apps they will not receive any more updates after changing the country. A practical example: you can view and download a specific app that has been purchased and that is only available in the American store; however, as it is not available in the Brazilian store, you will no longer be able to update it.

In other words, the recommendation to change countries is not valid if you really actively use an app that is not available in the store in the country to which you want to migrate.

How to migrate?

Considering that most of you are migrating accounts in the United States to Brazil, there are two things that you need to resolve before you send a bullet in the process:

  • Clear your credit at the American store. Usually Brazilians buy things through iTunes Gift Cards, which put credits on their accounts. I need to reset this, so I spend it until it's over. If you have a few broken pennies left to buy anything else, contact Apple support and ask them to reset your credits.
  • Cancel all your subscriptions. If you subscribe to Apple Music, iTunes Match and / or iCloud through your US account, it is necessary that this be canceled before the migration to, right after it is completed, you subscribe all over again at local prices. Detail: the collection of these subscriptions in advance, that is, after canceling, you still have to wait days / weeks until the period already paid is completed and the subscription is, in fact, ended.

One more thing to be aware of: if you use Family Sharing (Family Sharing), all members must have accounts in the same country. That is, if you are going to migrate from one, have to migrate from all.

With everything ready, you can exchange countries through the Apple ID website, through iTunes on your Mac / PC or through the iPhone / iPad itself.

Switching the country to iTunes

  1. Access your account;– By Apple ID: open this page and enter your credentials.– Through iTunes: v in the menu Account View My Account and enter your credentials.– From iOS: open Settings, go to iTunes and App Store, tap your Apple ID right at the top and enter your credentials.
  2. In the Account area (Account) or ?Summary of your Apple ID?, tap to edit your Pas / Regio (Country / Region) and choose the new one.
  3. Confirm the migration and accept the store's Terms and Conditions.
  4. Update your payment information and, if necessary, also your billing address.
  5. Subscribe again to the services of your choice.

Ready! ?

What is not yet to do

As we mentioned above, after the migration is done one thing that you will no longer be able to update apps that are not available also in the store of your new country. But there is something else that I would love to see Apple allowing in the future: merging accounts.

For those who always used an American account and only it, migrate now to Brazil following the steps above and run to the quiet embrace. But many, including this one who writes to you, chose to have two separate accounts: one in the USA, the other here.

That is, I could even follow these steps today and transform my American account into a Brazilian one, but I already have one here! The ideal, then, would be to switch countries and then merge the two accounts into one.

When there was such a problem with the purchasing history, there really was no way it could work properly. I also understand perfectly that Apple does not allow two accounts from different countries to be merged. But what would be the problem of this happening in cases like mine? Come on, Apple! ?