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Video: Fusion Drive is fast, very fast!

Fusion Drive coneWe've talked a lot about Fusion Drive, a technology implemented by Apple that combines the storage of HDDs with the speed of SSDs. The thing is very cool and, in short, it works like this: Fusion Drive analyzes which applications and files you use the most and throws them into the SSD, which is faster than the HDD; Of course, the opposite is also true: less used files and apps are played inside the HDD. This is done automatically, without the user noticing or having to worry about this management.

As an implementation of the system, we recently discovered that it also works on older Macs, which I particularly found too much. However, the question many people must be asking themselves: is it really fast? See below the video produced by TLDToday and check it out:

One word: impressive! I want one of these now!

Remember that it is available for Macs mini (1TB) and iMacs (1TB or 3TB). However, offered as an option, the consumer needs to customize his machine through the Apple Online Store to be able to buy a Mac with this benefit.

(via 9to5Mac)