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Turn your smartphone into a fishing rod

Fishing can be a relaxing and calm activity, but it can also be frenetic when competitions are held, whether to catch quantities of fish or the largest and heaviest specimen. this is exactly what the smartphone game Fishing Clash: Pescaria 2020 proposes, encouraging players to join an elite fishing club, to participate in tournaments to collect trophies.

The game features appealing natural settings, inspired by North American landscapes. Competitions start in Florida, followed by Alabama Lake, Gunterville, the Kenai River in Alaska, where salmon and trout fishing are required.

This title aims to realistically simulate the fishing process, starting with the 3D models of the fish. Those who understand fishing will recognize fish such as catfish, sea bass, sun fish, trout, salmon, barracudas and even sharks. It will be possible to play on the high seas, float, ice and other techniques. There are championships against other players and the gameplay is intended to be simple and intuitive.

You can download Fishing Clash: Fishing 2020 for Android and iOS versions for free.