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Transform Google Earth View aerial landscapes into desktop wallpapers

Earth View is a collection of thousands of landscapes found in Google Earth, curated by Google itself. The aim is to show geographical points on the planet from a space perspective, which has only been possible in the last 50 years. We hope that this perspective will move us to be more careful with our fragile planet, says the technological giant on the website.

The website works as a slide show, if you want to put the images in motion, always indicating in the corner of the screen the point on the globe from which it was taken. By clicking on this icon, you will be automatically transported to the location through Google Earth and access the respective tools to get to know the landscape better.

See in the gallery some of the landscapes available in Earth View.

The photographs can be shared on social networks or directly to friends and family, in addition to being able to record them on the computer to transform them into Wallpapers, for example. Without a doubt that there are places on the planet that we only imagine or see in dreams