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There are companies promoting a cure against Coronavirus on Amazon. Platform is aware of scams

There are companies and vendors taking advantage of Coronavirus's immediacy and promoting solutions on Amazon whose product description refers to the death of the famous virus, which until Thursday had killed 2,130 people and infected 75,700. The digital sales platform is removing all products that reference Coronavirus, especially those that claim to cure or the ability to kill the virus, advances CNBC.

Jeff Besos' company is warning companies, which promote these misleading products, that their products will be withdrawn. Amazon has participated in meetings with the World Health Organization, the last one in Menlo Park, on Facebook, to discuss the best way to prevent misinformation practices on its platforms and to prevent other people's misfortunes.

There are different products offered for sale on Amazon, from books on Coronavirus, Vitamin C medications, on the idea that they cure the virus or even bottles of disinfectant with properties that kill the virus, among others. There are products whose specifications have been altered to go into users' research on the subject, such as simple dust protection masks and for allergies, which highlighted protective properties against the virus. The companies were advised that the products would be removed from the store if the descriptions were not changed.

In the message to the sellers, all products that were marketing around medical benefits that were not previously approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) would be removed. Amazon has been tightening its grip on counterfeit product sellers or violating its sales policies.