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Tablets are above PCs on the shopping list of Americans for Christmas

Despite being recent, the wave of tablets has already affected the computer market, which falls quarter after quarter. A survey of 1,475 Americans on the comparison site PriceGrabber showed that this picture will only get worse during the Christmas period.

iPad and iPad mini with crown

Of the respondents, 59% said that tablets are above PCs in their shopping lists for the special date. Of these, 63% want a third or fourth generation iPad, while 24% opted for the iPad mini.

Rojeh Avanesian, vice president of PriceGrabber, said:

Tablets will continue to grow in popularity as the main Christmas gift, especially with the appearance of tablets in the $ 200-300 price range, which target economically conscious consumers. We expect to see a lot of buying activity in the segment again this Christmas period, with resellers struggling to win the consumer dollar.

Among the cheapest tablets, the iPad mini is the most desired, although it is also one of the most expensive, with 45% of the preference of those who want a smaller device. Among those who want the device, 47% said they chose it because of its portability and its smaller format, and 38% because of its lower price when compared to other iPads.

(via MacNews)