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Squier launches guitar that connects to iGadgets and Macs via USB

THE Squier, a subsidiary of Fender, announced a new guitar that connects to iGadgets and computers via USB.

Squier guitar compatible with iGadgets and Macs

In addition to having the standard P10 output, the guitar also has an output for conventional headphones (3.5mm). But the highlight is the Mini-B USB output and its built-in audio interface, which allow the guitar to connect with iGadgets and Macs without needing other devices.

That way, you can not only connect it to an amplifier, but also connect it to your Apple device or Windows computer using the USB cable, allowing you to easily record what your fingers play.

Check out the promotional video of the guitar:

The guitar sold exclusively at Apple Stores for $ 200. In the box comes the product, a USB Mini-B to USB cable and another USB Mini-B cable to a 30-pin connector, in addition to the instruction manual.

(via 9to5Mac)