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Should Apple create a subscription service covering iPhones, iPads, Macs and services? An analyst says yes

What do you think about paying a monthly fee and, in addition to being a subscriber to Apple Music, iCloud and all other Apple services, change your iPhone every year, iPad every two years and Mac every three without spending an extra penny for that? Depending on the amounts charged, it sounds promising, doesn't it? Because exactly this business model that the analyst Horace Dediu believes that Ma should consider this report Wall Street Journal.

According to Dediu, the implementation of a subscription service that encompasses devices and services dubbed by him as "Apple Prime" it would be beneficial for the company for a very simple reason: the sale of products suffers with the action of time, with launches bringing large volumes of sales (and money) and devices with the next update stranding on the shelves and drying up the money source.

Such a subscription, in turn, would turn this financial roller coaster into a smooth, flat German road, with the money regularly and predictably entering Ma's piggy bank every month. Additionally, the model could encourage consumers to update their devices with more often and, of course, put them once and for all plunged into the company's ecosystem after all, the subscription would include all the services that Apple offers, from the medical monitoring of the Apple Watch to the future service of streaming company video.

Dediu argues that Apple has already implemented an embryo of the idea in the (few) countries that offer the iPhone Upgrade Program, a monthly payment program that allows users to change their iPhone every year and already comes with AppleCare + built in. ?Apple Prime? would be a drastic expansion of this idea, in all senses.

Another important argument launched by Dediu has to do with HomePod now, if the newest product from Apple only works to the top of its capabilities if the user has an Apple Music subscription, why not kick the bucket at once and create one system where the customer only pays a monthly amount and can enjoy everything without having to worry about anything?

The idea, of course, also has its disadvantages: once inside the program, it would be very difficult to have autonomy over which products and services you are interested in or not, and the fence around Ma would be formed around you. In other words, would you be selling your soul Apple with the difference that you are the one who would be spending money.

What do you think? Would they be subscribers to a possible ?Apple Prime? or would they prefer to continue with the current model? Leave your opinions below.

via AppleInsider