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Samsung beats Apple in ranking of most creative companies

That today's Apple does not have the same apparently indestructible creative streak as Apple 15 years ago, I find it hard for anyone to dispute. To put the company out of business Top 10 in a ranking of the most creative companies in the world, with its main rival in the vice-leadership good, this is already a point that can be discussed, even more considering the methodology not very convincing of the organizers of the list.

I explain: the industrial equipment firm Kempler Industries recently released a survey with the ?most creative companies? in the world in 2017. The metric used by the company to number of patents registered by the companies over the past year, which made Ma stay in just 11 place in the ranking behind its main competitors, such as Microsoft (8 place), Google (7) and Samsung (2).

Ranking of most innovative companies

The South Korean, even, listed twice in the survey, with Samsung (referring to the other areas in which the giant operates) figuring in 10 place and Samsung Electronics, this is Ma's direct competitor and manufacturer of the famous smartphones, occupying the vice leadership. The ranking champion was IBM which, as we well know, has had very little expression outside the corporate market in recent years.

With that, we can only ask if this methodology is really valid to determine the most creative companies. The level of creativity of something or someone, of course, cannot be measured objectively, that is, we need to find concrete data to define the concept in real numbers; on the other hand, perhaps other metrics could be more appropriate in carrying out the research. Releases throughout the year? Consumer surveys? Impact or influence in the market? Perhaps a combination of all this?

You see, it is not my intention to contest Apple's ?low? ranking in fact, I fully agree that today's Apple is a mere shadow of the company in its past decades, at least in terms of creativity and ability to launch products to really take your breath away. Still, let's be critical of what appears next.

In time, the complete Kempler survey can be read here and it is worth checking other data brought by them, such as the most innovative countries in the world and the most registered types of patents.

via AppleInsider