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Rumor: analyst says launch of an Apple TV is imminent

According to, analyst James Kisner of Jefferies & Co. said today that the launch of an Apple TV is imminent.

Film running on MacBook Air, iPad and Apple TV

Kisner basically stated that he is hearing from the main cable companies that they are researching what has to be done to make their networks compatible with the new / supposed Apple product and that this will be positive for ARRIS main theme of the article, a company directly linked to the growth of video traffic on cable networks.

I don't usually take faith in these vague / loose comments, but it doesn't hurt to remember that, normally, rumors about new products start like this. Many of these analysts have hot contacts in the industry, just trying to predict something as bombshell as an Apple TV, anticipating the market and turning "assumptions" into money.

(via 9to5Mac)