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New Google Pixel 4a images appear

Image: LetsGo DigitalImage: LetsGo Digital

In December last year, images revealed the possible design of the Pixel 4a, which should hit the market as a simpler and more accessible version of the Pixel 4, launched in October.

According to information from the XDA Developers, this device must also bring a 5G version with Snapdragon 765G. Unfortunately, there is still not much information about the Pixel 4a, but the LetsGo Digital published some renderings showing the design of the next Google intermediary, confirming what we saw earlier.

Google Pixel 4a - Image: LetsGo DigitalImage: LetsGo Digital

We can notice that the Pixel 4a has a front area with few edges, mainly at the top, although the bottom is still relatively thick. It should be the first Google smartphone with a "hole" for the front camera, possibly to lower the cost of production, removing the unlocking features present in the standard model.

O Motion Sense, gesture recognition feature, can also be left out, as well as the refresh rate of 90 Hz, which ensures smoother navigation. However, the company must maintain an OLED display, which is slightly larger than the Pixel 4, adding up to 5.81 ".

Google Pixel 4a - Image: LetsGo DigitalImage: LetsGo Digital

Interestingly, it seems that the new Google intermediary should hit the market with only one rear sensor, just like in the Pixel 3 line. It can deliver 12.2MP with f / 1.7 aperture and optical image stabilization.

Information points out that the Pixel 4a will be announced in May during the Google I / O event, but of course this has not been confirmed by the company. Therefore, we will wait for more leaks to corroborate this and other details.


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