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New 6.1 ″ model could be called “iPhone Xc”

On Wednesday, September 12th, we will get to know the new line of iPhones. there are practically three models: one with a 5.8 ? OLED screen (successor to the iPhone X), one with a 6.5 ? OLED screen, these two devices should be called ?iPhone Xs?, the largest of which would still win suffix "Max" due to its large size and one with 6.1 "LCD screen.

But what would the name of the 6.1 ? iPhone be? We know that it will have a rear camera instead of two and an aluminum frame instead of stainless steel. Still, he has the same look as his brothers, with Face ID, A12 chip and more. Even a possible price range of the new family has already been speculated.

In short: we know a lot about all the devices, but something that was still missing was the name of this 6.1 ? model. Some spoke of ?iPhone 9?, others of ?iPhone Xr? (possibly because ?r? is the letter before ?s? in the alphabet and, thus, Apple would indicate that it is an ?inferior? model in the ?Xs? family) ?). Now, however, a supposedly leaked presentation of China Mobile (partner operator of Ma) shows the name "IPhone Xc" as a possible candidate, as informed by the Macotakara.

China Mobile supposed presentation

Analyzing the history of Ma, it makes sense. In the past, the company launched the iPhone 5c along with the 5s, which had the proposal to be an iPhone a little more affordable and with several color options. The rumors related to this 6.1 ? iPhone are just that: a phone with a slightly cheaper construction, so that it can be sold at a more attractive price. To complete, this model as well as the iPhone 5c would be offered in several colors. Making this correlation, the name ?iPhone Xc? sounds promising.

The only problem with this is that, in this same presentation from China Mobile, the operator refers to the 6.5 ? model as ?iPhone Xs Plus?. As we know, his name must be ?iPhone Xs Max?.

The alleged presentation also brings some details such as support for two SIM cards for the ?Xs? models (also informing that such models may reach the market after September 21, which does not make much sense, since some rumors say that Apple do not make a model with support for a SIM card and another with two; the most plausible idea that such a device has support for a physical card and another electronic card).

The listed prices include a 17% sales tax per liter, the iPhone X sold at 8,316 yuan. And, using that as a basis, the price of the ?iPhone Xc? would be around US $ 700, while the ?iPhone Xs? would cost US $ 900 and the ?iPhone Xs Plus / Max? would be sold for US $ 1,000 at the same price. we disclose here.

To complete, Ben Geskin (known to leak several devices from many manufacturers) published the photos above a few days ago saying they are clone units, dummies, from the ?iPhone Xc?. Now, however, he changed his mind and said that they are real units, prototypes of the device that will hit the market very soon!

Notice the pink model with a tray supporting two SIM cards, which matches the information from China Mobile that we will have different models of the device (one with support for one SIM and the other with support for two).

And, if all of this is really true, the red (PRODUCT) RED model will already be available at the beginning of sales, along with white and blue colors; it is worth noting that, with the iPhones 7 and 8, Apple started selling the red model some six months after the launch, in the middle of the product cycle.

, my friends. The rumors don't stop!

via 9to5Mac