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Modbook Pro gets nice upgrade just before sales start

Modbook ProIn June, Axiotron announced the Modbook Pro, a tablet that runs OS X based entirely on the internal components of the MacBook. The pre-sale of the product started in October and the dispatch estimate for mid-November.

Deliveries have not yet started, but the company has already announced an upgrade for the machines which, fortunately, will also be passed on to those who have already guaranteed a unit in the pre-sale. There are only three changes: instead of 256 pressure levels, the product now comes with 1,024 levels. The SSD also went from 64GB to 120GB (Sanshara, faster for reading and writing data), in addition to RAM that went from 4GB to 8GB. All for the same $ 3,500 as before.

Not bad for those who bought in the pre-sale and expected to receive the product with the previous specifications.

(via Ars Technica)