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Instagram could win video calls (?) Soon; companies can now schedule posts on the network

Another week, another wave of news in the Instagram three of them have already been officially announced and one is particularly strange that it may take a while to reach our hands (if that is going to happen).

Video calls (?)

The website WABetaInfo it seems to have plunged once and for all into investigating future Instagram features based on previous / test versions of the app. After first bringing the resource "Type" (which, incidentally, is being officially announced and reaching the general public today), intrepid investigators today found traces of a feature that seems to have nothing to do with the network's proposal, but, well, there it is: video calls.

Possible new Instagram video call feature

There is still not much information about the feature, just the appearance of this small icon in the top bar when you are in conversation with some contact in the Direct. According to the website, the icon appears only when the other party has already accepted the video call request; by touching it, the connection is automatically initiated.

Instagram declined to comment on the feature, but if it does exist, it is certain that we will still wait a long time until it reaches our hands after all, not even the basic interface elements it has yet.

Scheduling posts (for companies)

One of the most requested resources by social media professionals and companies is finally arriving on the platform. From now on, the Instagram Graph API will allow the scheduling of posts for a simpler administration of your commercial page on the network.

API for scheduling posts on Instagram

This scheduling will not be done in the Instagram app, but through third party tools for now, only Hootsuite already has the news, and other social administration platforms should receive it soon. According to Instagram, the new API will be available to all Instagram and Facebook marketing partners; therefore, there is no forecast, for now, to see this feature reach the hands of ordinary users.

It is good to note that the resource only contemplates common posts on the net, and not stories or advertising. Which brings us to the next point

Expanded advertising in Stories

Do you know when you are browsing the (seemingly endless) stories of your friends and suddenly the experience is interrupted by an advertisement in their midst? Well, this experience is about to become a little more annoying: Instagram will allow advertisers to advertise up to three frames.

Currently, advertisements in stories are limited to one painting, so a brief touch on the screen makes them disappear immediately. Now, it will be three taps on the screen or a brief swipe to the left like you do with those boring contacts who post a thousand stories of a show that doesn't interest you.

According to Instagram, the novelty will allow advertisers to explore the possibilities of advertising through stories much more effectively through stories, with creative and interactive applications. Well, what we?ll see the network?s first partners in the venture include Paramount Studios and Gap.

via TechCrunch, B9, The Verge