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Incase and Belkin announce their first cases for iPad mini

Launched in October, the new iPads were a hit right away, selling 3 million units in just three days. Embarking on this success, Incase and Belkin have already announced that they will start selling covers created especially for the iPad mini.

Belkin and Incase cases for iPad mini

Incase presented four models: Book Jacket ($ 50), which completely protects the smaller tablet and allows the user to support it in two viewing angles; Canvas Maki Jacket ($ 35), which wraps the device in a very slim design; Folio (US $ 40), which brings complete protection in a more classic design and has a space to store documents; and Neoprene Sleeve ($ 30), which securely stores your iPad mini.

Unlike Incase, Belkin presented only one cover, however it is very different from the ones mentioned above. In addition to protecting your new toy, the Belkin Portable Keyboard Case ($ 80) comes with a built-in keyboard. Well spaced and with physical keys, the new keyboard cover is the right choice for those who plan to type a lot on the iPad mini.

(via iMore)