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Former Apple executives create competing platform for Twitch and YouTube Gaming

Looking at the games of today, I can say with certainty that they are pure art. But still with all the beauty and care to create them (and I'm not just talking about elaborate graphics), this art is only really appreciated when we come together to share the experiences lived virtually with friends and people who enjoy the titles.

Maybe that's why the gamer community grows more and more and always has people interested in both playing and watching games. And, for this purpose, there are platforms such as YouTube Gaming, Twitch (purchased by Amazon), Mixer (from Microsoft) and, now, the

Caffeine: Live Streaming app icon

This new game transmission platform has similarities with competitors, but there are some peculiarities, mainly due to the strong social appeal. It was created by former Apple executives Ben Keighran and Sam Roberts, who were respectively the leader in Apple TV product design and the leader of the design team in user experience at Ma. In addition, she obtained a contribution from US $ 46 million, made by Andreessen Horowitz and Greylock Partners.

I left Apple to create a company that would fundamentally change the way we create, consume, share and monetize live content. Our goal was to re-imagine all aspects of the live broadcast, ignoring the good things we can do and focusing on the really big things.

We are committed to providing the best experience for creators, providing everything they need, from broadcasting software to how the public discovers and enjoys their content.

Ben Keighran, Caffeine's CEO.

For now, the version to perform the streaming both the camera and audio and the game is only available for Windows. However, it is possible to create a live stream for the community only with the camera by both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers, as well as by Caffeine's own iPhone app. The company said that a monetization system that supports the platform's ?easy to use? mantra will arrive later this year.

You can also watch streams from the community through the app and the browser, and interact with the person responsible for the transmission in writing, being able to choose backgrounds for their comments, including even animated GIFs.

If you enjoy watching gameplays and make your own live game broadcasts, you can download the iPhone application for free from the App Store and / or download the ?pre-release? versions for browsers or PC.