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DisplayMate reiterates: Surface screen * no * is better than iPad Retina screen

To promote Surface RT, Microsoft's new tablet, the company released it saying its screen was better than those of third- and fourth-generation iPads, which DisplayMate disagreed with.

At the time, the company had no way to get its hands on the gadget and stated this based on technical information. Now, however, with the Surface being marketed, Dr. Raymon Soneira (President of DisplayMate) has carried out several tests with the Surface screen in laboratories, concluding that its screen is inferior to the Retina display of some iPads.

Microsoft Surface

Despite reflecting more light, the iPad's Retina display is far superior in terms of color gamut, saturation and resolution. Even using aClearType, sub-pixel rendering technology to make texts cleaner, Microsoft has not been able to make the letters shown on its tablet clearer than on the iPad.

However, the Surface's incredibly competent display, better than almost all others in the segment, including the upper iPad 2. Even though it is lower than the Retina display, it certainly set a high standard for the Windows 8 tablet market.

As the Surface Pro version of the Microsoft tablet is only going to hit the market in 2013, DisplayMate still doesn't know what its screen will be like, but promised to test it as soon as it is available.

If you are interested in data like loss of brightness at high viewing angles or even black at maximum brightness, be sure to read DisplayMate's in-depth review.

(via AppleInsider)