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Check out the 25 best indies games you need to play

We have selected the best games from independent producers that you should give a try and try

The independent games, also known as indies games, are those produced by a person or a group of developers and artists who are not linked to large game studios. And many of them have high quality, innovative gameplay and, above all, affordable prices for users. To make it easier for you to check out some of the best, we have prepared a list with 25 titles pretty cool.

The best of everything? Most games on this list are available for major platforms, such as Steam (PC / Mac), PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch!


This arcade type game in First Person Shooter is not only an innovative title in its gameplay – based on time management linked to movement – but also on the concept of breaking the wall. That is, the game can communicate directly with the player behind the character's controls.

SuperHot it starts as a common and fun game that, over time, slowly becomes a critique of today's immersion in virtual reality and procrastination of the mind. Players will soon realize that they are too involved to stop and will find themselves wanting to know more about what the hell is going on as they try to solve their combat puzzles.

Superhot game image with colorful dolls in a fightManipulate time and eliminate all enemies in your path in Superhot

Furthermore, as the game itself warns the player so many times, you will find that the adrenaline that SuperHot emanates is too intoxicating to be abandoned.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnsia: The Dark Descent Undoubtedly, one of the pioneers of our list of indie games (and a title that should only be played by the strong in heart and soul). The game brought back the writer's horror theme H. P. Lovecraft for the gaming scene and soon became a fertile genre for the development of independent games, being followed until today by several other games like Layers of Fear, Call of Cthulhu, among others.

Screen from the game Amnesia, one of the indies games on the list, with a faceless monster walking in a room lit only by a candleAmnesia one of the most terrifying indie games of all time

This game is mandatory for all horror fans because they like the idea of ??not being able to defend themselves, like the Outlast games so masterfully adopted. Your gloomy environment and the helplessness that conveys only part of the appeal of this game, as its intriguing story captivates from the beginning to the end in a terrifying and rewarding way.

Ori and the Blind Forest

If Ori's story doesn't make you cry (or at least keep your eyes watering), you're made of stone. This tale of love, resistance and overcoming great obstacles attracts first minutes.

Independent game screen with the characters Ori and Naru in a forest.Embark on Ori's journey to restore peace in the forest

The story begins with the childhood of security and joy of the orphan Ori with Naru, a bear-like being, which ends abruptly when the tragedy separates the two. This is the moment when the game's journey begins and Ori must navigate the beautiful world of Nibel in a Metroidvania gameplay style. The history of Ori and the Blind Forest wonderful, but explore the detailed and vibrant map, with all its hidden secrets, makes the experience even better.

To The Moon

Despite its direct gameplay, the narrative of To the Moon – that it is up to players to reconfigure the memories of a man with a broken heart to fulfill his wish before he dies – something profound and remarkable.

Screen of the independent game To The Moon, in which the silhouette of a couple appears inside a moonlight towerIt will be difficult for you not to be moved by the story of To The Moon

With his captivating style of RPG Maker, To the Moon opts for a simple look in favor of the perfect characterization in pixels and a story that involves an emotional blow that leaves us crying incomprehensibly at the moment when the credits roll. The game alone proved that independent developers do not need a huge budget or next generation graphics to tell a story truly beautiful story.


Cut the onions! There are few games that can cause your quieter friends to turn into a frenzied group of swear words and panic, invoking a hidden aggression that you suspect is always there, but never found a situation stressful enough to expose. Well the Overcooked it may be just the game you need if you want to provoke these kinds of feelings.

Screen of the independent game Overcooked, in which a lighted animal sees a kitchen with several fires. Test your cooking skills with your friends in Overcooked

Don't be fooled by your lovely soundtrack and deliciously cute, as each level of Overcooked showcases the game design skills of the creators, presenting a challenge that turns housework in the kitchen into one of the biggest tests your friendships have ever faced as you try to serve enough food before time runs out. one simply lovely chaos.

Cave Story

One of the oldest and most famous indie gaming stories Cave Story, an 8-bit masterpiece of the Metroidvania genre. In the skin of Quote, a cute but brave robot, the player moves from screen to screen traversing the unique world created by Daisuke ?Pixel? Amaya.

Cave Story screen in which the character Quote faces several enemies.Cave Story is a fun game that pays homage to classic Japanese arcade games

in spite of Cave Story first released in 2004, it holds up incredibly well and has refreshing gameplay today. Your style of pixelated art and the soundtrack help to recover the old games, but the fantastic level design Cave Story which makes it a brilliant game to explore. Since its debut, the game has remained free of charge on the title's official website and can also be obtained on various game platforms available.

Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter It is an incredibly beautiful game that sometimes gives a feeling of indecision between its serene presentation and its extremely difficult gameplay. Packed to the edge with beautiful pixel art, animations and music, an undeniably visually stimulating game for both those behind the controls and those watching the game.

Hyper Light Drifter screen with character walking between machinesDon't be fooled by the beautiful visuals: Hyper Light Drifter is not an easy game

Hiding under this rather beautiful exterior, however, there is an interior filled with sharp blades that make up the gameplay of the Hyper Light Drifter. With enemies and bosses often challenging, this is one of the indie games that quickly became a game of extreme skill and patience, which found dedicated followers in the ranks of those poor and unhappy souls addicted to excessively difficult games.

Shovel Knight

The enchanting tribute of Yacht Club Games to the 2D of the era of Nintendinho (NES) with its platform games it reinvigorated the genre for modern times making it a classic formula attractive to current players. Presented in an 8-bit retr style, players take control of the enigmatic hero Shovel Knight in their mission to defeat the evil knights.

Screen of Shovel Kinght showing the main character resting by a campfire in the forestBecome a valiant warrior facing enemies and overcoming challenges with your foot in Shovel Knight

The game was praised as a tribute to the classics who inspired it, while still delivering something new to the genre, with its refined graphics and intuitive controls. And it sold more than two million copies, proving that the genus is far from being killed and buried.

Development in the Shovel Knight has continued since its launch in 2014, with the game receiving several updates, including three new campaigns in which you play as some of the most colorful characters in the Shovel Knight universe like Plague Knight, Specter Knight and the presumptuous King Knight.

The Witness

The Witness, in Jonathan Blow, had high expectations for the player community. This is because its creator was responsible for one of the titles of the ?dawn of indie games?, Braid. And, for the vast majority, the game reached and even exceeded expectations. Set on an island that looks absolutely stunning, after an hour immersed in this abstract and mysterious world full of puzzles, a new perception develops at the bottom of the player's mind.

The Witness screen with the image of a puzzle with a forest in the backgroundWith an interesting learning curve, The Witness challenges players with their puzzles

The journey to understand The Witness magic. He takes players by the hand, guiding them through a multitude of puzzles, all designed around the simple concept of drawing lines on a grid, and each individual puzzle teaches the player something new or builds a previous concept, making them all The information you learn along your journey is extremely valuable. Do not be surprised if you find yourself drawing puzzles on paper or are faced with some incredible and bizarre surprises that the game hides.

Super Meat Boy

Who knew that playing like a piece of meat, improving timed runs and getting stuck in a cycle of hundreds of deaths could be so much fun? Super Meat Boy it was one of the first games in the indie gaming industry that was successful in creating an adventure in the style of classic Super Mario Bros. design, but it replaced the beloved plumber with a meat cube, modernized the platforms and made the whole incredibly fast gameplay!

Screen of Super Meat Boy, one of the indies games on the list, with small pieces of meat drawn with children's tracesSuper Meat Boy is a classic indie platform game that tests your jumping ability and precise movements

The most notable of Super Meat Boy there are the smooth controls and their challenging levels with a little pleasure at the end of each level. The game still makes a point of showing the player all the attempts made in the form of pieces of meat and blood which are scattered throughout the levels where the player found his death salty and, strangely, addictive to watch all the Meat Boys die. With some strong platforms, lovely animations and gameplay that keeps you coming back for more, Super Meat Boy it is an easy game to love.


As the first title of a group of independent Danish developers, the Playdead, Limbo captivated players with its impressive monochromatic art style and rich and bleak atmosphere at the same time. Launched on Xbox Live Arcade in 2010, this ambitious platform game led the way revival of indies games, selling millions of copies and launching on various platforms.

Limbo screen with a gloomy look and a boy walking in a landscapeWith a simple look, but interesting gameplay mechanics, Limbo is a dense adventure

The game chronicles a boy's journey in a strange world defined by shades of black and white punctuated by bursts of light against a background of ambient sounds. Limbo was applauded for his minimalist style of art and narrative interpretation, despite the fact that the game has no dialogues. Limbo is often cited as an example of art form in the gaming world and has helped relaunch the popularity of the puzzle platform genre along with games like Braid.


THE Supergiant Games made his debut in the scenarios of indie games with this isometric adventure game (a vision between 2D and 3D), directed by narratives. The soundtrack, dubbing and unique world of Bastion made them shine quickly and win very positive reviews within the community of critics and players.

Bastion screen with characters in the middle of a small villageBastion has it all: beautiful looks, great music and a narrator who talks to you all the time

In addition to Bastion, Supergiant Games is also responsible for two other big hits in the world of indie games: Transistor and Pyre.

Untitled Goose Game

Definitely this title is the biggest surprise on our list and also the game world in 2019. In Untitled Goose Game the player takes on the role of a goose. Yes, that's right: a goose! Your purpose? Hell the lives of the residents of a small village in England by collecting items and causing confusion. The great asset behind this game as such a simple proposal can be so much fun.

How about becoming a goose and making the life of everyone around you in Untitled Goose Game?How about becoming a goose and making the life of everyone around you in Untitled Goose Game?

Not even the game developers, the team at House House, imagined that his adventure with a goose would be so successful. Even though it is a short game, which can be finished in about 2 hours, Untitled Goose It is a fun, light experience that promises to make you laugh a lot while you are touching the terror behind the skin of a simple but dangerous grumpy goose.

Dead Cells

Style games roguelike, in which it is necessary to explore the environment in search of items, were highlighted when the indie games started to conquer players and critics. And with so many games with similar mechanics, Dead Cells not just took advantage of the style roguelike, but it also gained visibility in this niche.

The developer Motion Twin created a vibrant 2D pixel art style adventure and a menacing soundtrack that combines aspects of metroidvania with permadeath, creating a new term for the game genre: roguemania.

Dead Cells screen showing a combat between the protagonist and an enemy in an outdoor night environment with lights aroundDead Cells will test your combat skills and ability to overcome great challenges

Do not be fooled by the beautiful look of the game, as it is not easy. Its fast-paced combat keeps players engaged while exploring a dark world, looking for the next enemy or objective. Players more attentive to the details of the game?s mechanics can even take a chance and say that Dead Cells similar to a ?Dark Souls in 2D?.

Miami Hotline

Like Limbo and Super Meat Boy, here we have an indie game released a long time ago, but which continues to be a hit with players. Miami Hotline maybe it was the first game in the genre of shooters with a top-down view associated with narrative (a praiseworthy feat from the developer Dennaton Games).

In this image, two men appear side by side. left, one has a cigarette in his mouth and holds a lighter. on the right, another has a rooster costume on his head and holds a bloody baseball batIn Hotline Miami you need to be quick to know when to shoot and when to dodge your enemies

In the game, players shoot, stab and make their way through different closed scenarios in order to reach the targets they receive over the phone, all in the mood of the 1990s. Without much explanation, the game advances until we start to realize that nothing exactly what it seems, and deeper reasons become clearer and clearer. Behind the unconditional cold and the diversity that Hotline Miami presents as its front line, lies an almost perfect balance of level design, sound and gameplay mechanics.

What Remains of Edith Finch

What Remais of Edith Finch a distinct game on our list. The narrative deals with the tragically sealed fates of each member of Edith's family. But what makes Edith Finch shine so much is the way in which this ?walking simulator? invoked emotional qualities mainly through its gameplay.

What Remains of Edith Finch game image with a large house in the middle of a forest at duskWhat Remains of Edith Finch uses innovative mechanics to tell a touching story

The game is a work of Giant Sparrow, the same creator of another indie classic, Unfinished Swan, from 2012. This title served as a ?blank canvas? where developers were able to test a wide variety of gameplay styles and aesthetics that were used throughout Edith's journey.

Each of these elements reflects the mentalities and perspectives of individual members of the Finch family before they met his untimely death. We can go into details, but if you value experimental ways of telling stories in games, What Remains of Edith Finch much better interpreted than explained. Believe me, it is an experience that you will not regret.

Katana Zero

Despite its pixelated look and a ninja theme against villains, believe me: Katana Zero not a cliché game at all. The player starts his adventure with the sharp sword of this formidable assassin with a serious sense of novelty from the beginning. This feeling only improves with all plot points and explosive battles in this platform game that allows space for combat strategies while you slow down time.

Image of the indie game Katana Zero from the moment the protagonist slows down timeIn Katana Zero you are a skilled samurai who can slow down the time to defeat his enemies

THE game fluidity It is certainly her best asset, but Katana Zero also takes the time to explore an intriguing storyline alongside interesting gameplay. The difference is in the many different ways to manage each level to suit your style of play.

Katana Zero it does everything that has been done before, but, crucially, it takes the best pieces of everything that came before and makes them shine.

Return of the Obra Dinn

Here is a genre that has been very successful in the PC universe in the past, but that not even the indie games seemed capable of bringing to the present day: the mystery game. Return of the Obra Dinn puts players in the role of an investigator who must discover the fate of all the crew of the ship Obra Dinn, who appeared in the port completely empty and surrounded by mysteries.

Image in which the hand of the protagonist of the game Return of the Obra Dinn holds an object similar to a clock next to a decomposing body inside the shipReturn of the Obra Dinn plays the role of an investigator who needs to solve the mysteries of an abandoned ship

Until nothing new, if not for the interesting mechanics that the player has access to: a clock that allows you to go back in time and witness the exact moment when each crew member of the ship found its tragic destination. With a look that refers to Apple II times, you need to register in your diary and gather all the clues to unlock all the secrets of Obra Dinn. The task may seem hard, but the final reward amazing.


The same way that Journey (another game on our list), Gris a more recent experience in the territory of indies games that approach a work of art. Ironically, the story of a young woman who loses her voice and needs to travel the world and restore her colors fully told without a single stretch of dialogue, making the adventure a extremely emotional journey, deep and touching.

In Gris, while you travel through a gray world you need to return the colors to himGet emotional in Gris as you travel through a gray world and return the colors to him

In addition to the simple and exciting story and the intuitive mechanics of its gameplay, Gris a show for the eyes. The game's scenarios are of light strokes and look like the result of a watercolor painting.

Music is also tailor-made to accompany the lightest to the most tense moments. Even though it's a short experience, Gris a game that certainly leaves a mark on the player's heart after he sees this young woman's world gradually gaining its vibrant colors back.


Cuphead a game of frentic shot of StudioMDHR and that instantly caught people's attention when it was announced thanks to its impressive animation inspired by the classic cartoons of the 1930s. Emulating the aesthetics of a cartoon by Walt Disney with retro style in all aspects – including video quality and sound design – players take control of Cuphead or Mugman in a battle to pay off their debt to the Devil after a deal goes awry.

Cuphead canvas with a backdrop full of menacing dolls in an amusement parkWith smooth and fun gameplay, Cuphead is also impressive for its classic design looks

The game was praised and, in some cases, even criticized for its challenging difficulty, which often resembles criticisms made in series Dark Souls, despite its clear design differences.

All animations were drawn by hand and the backgrounds were beautifully painted using watercolors before being colored in Photoshop. This resulted in a game that many loved for their style and never forgot their difficulty.

Stardew Valley

Originally released for PC, Stardew Valley had a renaissance when it was released for the Nintendo Switch recently. Developed by Eric Barone and Sickhead Games, the game fantastically balances a combination of agricultural management simulator and RPG elements, containing all the right ingredients to make you addicted to this virtual farmer's life.

Stardew Valley image with two characters in one making, in the middle of plantationsWho knew Stardew Valley could make a farmer's life so much fun?

With lots of interesting people to meet, crops to grow and a dungeon-like mine to explore, Stardew Valley a game that has something for everyone. The freedom that it allows the player makes this little game a pleasant place to spend several hours and not even notice the time passing.


If you are a game lover and have never heard of Undertale, where were you? Amid out of control popularity it faced at launch, it is easy to forget that all the buzz created by the game was completely justified.

The world created by Toby Fox inspires us with its peculiar writing and eccentric presentation. Undertale he used these qualities to draw attention to the ways in which the player could become emotionally attached to the characters and, in turn, to the ways in which the player can impact his world – for better or for worse.

Undertale screen with a ghost on a mostly empty background refusing to follow your ordersLazy ghosts, funny skeletons and even dogs in armor: Undertale a surreal adventure

Complemented by a wonderful soundtrack and a differentiated battle system that mixed elements from adventure games and shooting games (and somehow made it work), Undertale not only did he challenge the players' relationship with the games, but he did it with talent and heart.

Hollow Knight

With a mixture of metroidvania and elements similar to the Dark Souls series games, Hollow Knight it didn't break new ground, but it improved and added a special touch to these two types of gameplay mechanics. Overflowing cute characters and brilliant enemy designs (depicted with a cute hand-drawn art style), a joke visually appealing through a world of cruel insects and monsters, supported by responsive controls and comfortable mechanics.

Hollow Knight screen in which the main character faces enemies in a gloomy outdoor environmentEnter the world of insects and help Hollow Knight face his enemies

O fast and explosive combat, with heavy attacks and great special powers, making even the smallest confrontation a delight to be realized. This is taken even further with the bosses' inventive battles and the incorporation of soul mechanics, which allows you to enhance your character with fallen orbs from defeated enemies.

While at the level of gameplay Hollow Knight it was not particularly original, it was in the execution of these mechanics that the game was successful, becoming yet another strong metroidvania platform game to come out in the independent game development scenario in recent years.


Journey was the creation of That Game Company that put the spotlight on independent games on the latest generation consoles. It can be said that thanks to this game now the independent developers are no longer afraid to try to create their work for the Playstation 4 or Xbox One, much less for the Nintendo Switch, which now seems to be the main console of the independent stadiums. Originally released to PS3, remastered for PS4, now Journey is also available for PC via the Epic Store.

Journey screen in which the character is on his back looking at a desertJourney is a game so beautiful that it can be the closest expression of a game as a work of art

Journey changed the rules of how a independent game it could be and, above all, seem. It is an emotional roller coaster with a focus on game mechanics (which allows you to interact with unknown players using only singing), beautiful graphics and innovative storytelling techniques. Furthermore, Journey a living proof of video games can be works of art and if you need to convince your father / me / girlfriend / boyfriend what games can provoke strong and deep emotions, try presenting them with Journey and see the results.


When analyzing the history and objective behind HeavenlyIt is possible to imagine that a game in which you need to climb an icy mountain should not be so exciting. Even so, this game welcomed players and never gave up on captivating them along the journey of the brave Madeline.

Help Madeline climb an icy mountain and overcome her fears in CelesteHelp Madeline climb an icy mountain and overcome her fears in Celeste

The sublime smoothness of the animation, artistic style and controls make the difficulty and constant deaths much more bearable. Celeste followed the same style as others indies games platforms considered difficult, such as Super Meat Boy or VVVVVV, and created the most accessible and toughest mountain platform game ever.

In a gaming culture where accessibility is a dirty word for purists, or a commitment to help with sales, Heavenly demonstrated how challenging games can be for everyone. For those who have departed from this charming game in its launch, play it, even if it is just to meet a very friendly hipster, a very undead hotel manager or even to understand Madeline's feelings and anxieties, which even show through few pixels.

Indies games for all tastes

Whether on PC, PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, our list of indie games has a little of everythingWhether on PC, PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, our list of indie games has a little of everything

It is difficult that none of the games on this list attract your curiosity and attention, because here we have games of practically all genres, possible styles and platforms available to please all palates from beginners to more experienced players. Did you like our selection of independent games?

Do you have any title suggestions that should also be on that list? Don't forget to leave your opinion in the comments section.