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Caring for the iPhone during the carnival

.The carnival, time for a lot of revelry and party. However, agglomerations also mean risks for those who decide to take their cell phone with them. The number of cases of theft and robbery is growing at this time.

To avoid headaches (or at least reduce the consequences a lot), we have listed some tips for you who want to skip the carnival and take the iPhone along.

The most obvious tip is to leave the iPhone at home and not take any chances. However, in the time of Stories, transport apps, powerful cameras and WhatsApp, the smartphone has become an almost indispensable tool when leaving home.

So, if going out with him becomes essential, it is ideal that you take some special care to not have problems.

1 Before leaving, reinforce security

Walking with your cell phone in crowds carries a very high risk of theft. In the joy of the moment, it is easy for you not to notice when you put your hand inside your pocket or purse and take the device. When you realize, it's late.

So the first thing you have to do is prepare beforehand, to reduce the damage.

First of all, create a strong password for your iPhone. Don't just use plain 4-digit passwords (like 1234) or easy to guess, The information on your device is too important to be accessed by those you don't know.

Another interesting point to make: write down the IMEI your device. In case of theft or theft, this information will be important in the B.O. police and also for the operator to block the device from being used by others.

We here at BDI have already done a great article with some tips on how to protect your device in case it gets stolen. For example, putting a password on the chip and enabling two-factor authentication will prevent you from having even more problems in the future.

2 Watch your iPhone during the revelry

During the party, we normally use our cell phones to contact friends, call Uber or take pictures of cool moments. But every time you do it in public, it catches the eye and the eyes of malicious people.

So when you need to use the iPhone, try to search for one most reserved place and safe for that. The more discreet you are, the less chance you give to the bad guys.

If you have no way and need to take your iPhone out of your pocket, look around and be aware of what happens around you while using the device. Thieves benefit greatly from the so-called ?surprise element?So the less you allow it, the less conditions you can give them.

The ideal is also to have a place close to the body, with difficult access, to store the iPhone and its documents. For example, those abdominal bags (commonly called doladora) that are used a lot on trips, which are under the pants. This allows you to be more relaxed during the party, to be greater concerns.

3They took my iPhone, what now?

If even with all your precautions, your iPhone has been stolen or stolen, you will need to take some precautions to reduce the damage.

First of all change the password of all the services you use, starting with iCloud. Social networks, email accounts, bank applications, everything that can bring you risks and that you don't want to lose.

Always make a B.O. police incident, because it is important.

Contact your operator and inform them of the event, so that they cancel the chip. With it active, thieves have access to their SMS and thus unlock accounts with security codes.

Another very important thing: watch out for fake messages posing as Apple. At this moment, we are very fragile wanting to find our device, and what criminals act to try to deceive the victim and get access data to iCloud.

Remember that Apple never gets in touch via SMS or WhatsApp. Never.

These are some precautions that you can (and should) take if you want to have fun at the carnival with minimal headaches. Keep these tips well and share them with your family and acquaintances, so that everyone can protect themselves against unforeseen circumstances.

Good Carnival to all!