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Brazilian application is used in France's first connected music school

It is not new that technology has modified (and a lot!) The way to behave in the classroom and I am not only referring to the bad behavior of addicts on their smartphones, but also to how students become more engaged when they have in their hands a electronic device.

It is exactly this type of interaction that Musique l'cole Connect, a music education institution in France, seeks to provide. Becoming the first ?connected? music school in the country, Principal Marie-Aline Bayon (and author of a book on digital revolution and music education) started classes using many electronic devices and applications.

Well see: as it says in this school publication, in some of the classes, they are using the Brazilian application SUPER PADS, which we already talked about here in MacMagazine.

SUPER PADS app icon - Be a DJ

To refresh your memory, the app is basically a colorful and super simple to use DJ table. In it, it is possible to download some "kits" with popular international and national music sounds. Thus, it is possible for anyone to play a specific song by touching the boxes and, for those who do not know the sequence, the YouTube channel of the app has several tutorials.

So, this app really took over the world as we said, even reaching a French school. But what is he so different about that has attracted the attention of teachers and made them choose him to work with his students? In the app, you can not only download music kits so that you can play the sounds, but you can also create your own kits, which certainly helps a lot in music lessons (especially for children).

The school explains:

This feature of SUPER PADS is really interesting, because you can take sounds from existing kits in the app and place them in a pad, record sounds directly through the device's microphone, or upload sounds through the device's library. The possibilities are, therefore, multiple!

In the video above, you can see a little bit of how the teacher interacts with the app on an iPad and students also have the same app on their devices in order to reproduce what is requested. Thus, they can create their own compositions and grow in music education.

I don't know about you, but the desire it gave you to study at this school! But since I can't, at least I can have a little fun on the app and use it to bring my musical inventions to life. ?