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Apple starts selling its workstation, Mac Pro, in Brazil; Prices start at R $ 56 thousand and go up to R $ 439 thousand

Mac Pro. Source: icrazemagazineMac Pro. Source: icrazemagazine

The new Mac Pro, presented during The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2019, arrived in North American stores in December of last year, with the exception of the rack version that debuted last month. In Brazil, the National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) approved the desktop a few days ago. Since the 19th (Wednesday), the new professional workstation from "ma" started to be sold on the Brazilian website of the company for the initial value of R $ 56,000 in 12x (or cash, for R $ 50,400), and may reach up to the value R $ 438,400 (or R $ 394,560) in its best configuration (including the wheels to give more "mobility" to the machine).

Apple's workstation, the Mac Pro, was made for content creators such as editing images and videos

The rack model of the Mac Pro arrives for the initial value of R $ 60,000 (R $ 54,000 view). In its case, with all options at its maximum, it costs R $ 439,200 (or R $ 396,280 in cash). Although it seems to be extremely expensive, the workstation is not aimed at any audience, it is a niche product. To be more exact, the computer was made for content creators such as game developers, image editors, video editing in large resolutions (4K or 8K), virtual reality (VR or virtual reality).

Internal view of the Apple workstation, Mac Pro. Source: AppleInternal view of the Apple workstation, Mac Pro. Source: Apple

If we compare the Mac Pro with other workstations like, for example, HP and Dell, selecting configurations that are close to the "apple" machine, we will see an even higher value, which could beat the $ 80,000 against the nearly $ 50,000 charged by macbook developer (excluding casters and the magic trackpad 2). If we still consider the optimization of the Apple desktop for the processing of creative content, we see that there is a good cost-benefit ratio here for the product category that it was created.

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Source: Apple

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