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Apple Morumbi is undergoing a makeover

In May 2017, Apple began a new phase in its stores. I speak of ?Today at Apple?, educational sessions covering various topics (from photos, video and music to coding, art and design); in most stores, such sessions are led by trained employees; in some selected countries, international artists, photographers and musicians also participate in the sessions, teaching from basic to professional levels.

It is clear that the newest stores, recently opened, have already been planned with the ?Today at Apple? in mind. Older ones, like the two we have here in Brazil, no. This does not prevent sessions from happening, but it is obvious that the design of the store does not help to make things happen in the most comfortable way possible for customers. Well, at least in Apple Morumbi, in So Paulo (SP), that will change soon.

Work at Apple Morumbi

O Rogrio Vieira, reader and participant of MM Tour VI, passed by the store today and came across a huge siding.

"Work "Work

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According to Rogrio, the closed area for works occupies about 1/4 of the store space. Our reader Jason Baroni he was also there and asked the employees about the work (the changes and when to finish). In a very Apple-like attitude, the employees said they were not informed about what will be built there and when everything will be completed.

Our most obvious bet is that Apple will put a high definition canvas there for the sessions, as well as those wooden seats (rectangular and circular), so that customers can spread around the place while the ?Today at Apple? happens.

As it is a relatively small space, it should not be a very long renovation. In the meantime, it is good to note that the store is functioning normally (whether to buy products or accessories, get service, make a repair, among other things).

We'll see how to stay the place! ?