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Apple goes after major newspapers for new subscription service

Apple recently acquired the Texture, a service that we can compare to Netflix, only that it is aimed at the digital magazine market.

Apple has yet to make any move, at least publicly, regarding this acquisition. Behind the scenes, however, the company is moving to include major newspapers in the service. According to the Recode, the company led by Eddy Cue, head of services is talking to the New York Times, O Wall Street Journal it's the Washington Post to try to convince them to embark on the venture.

Ma, of course, did not comment on the matter, but the news from the Recode makes a lot of sense. The problem is to convince newspapers to enter the service along the lines that it works today. Of course, Apple may well shake up Texture and change it radically, but users currently pay $ 10 a month to access more than 200 digital magazine titles. To have an idea, the Washington Postalone charges $ 10 from its subscribers; O NYT, $ 15; already WSJ, $ 37. How, then, would Apple share that $ 10 a month among all the companies involved in the business in a satisfactory way?

In favor of Apple, like the Recode very well put, we have some important points: the huge base of users and potential customers for this new service (1.3 billion devices activated) comparatively, the NYT currently has 2.9 million subscribers; a certain amount of luggage with streaming, since the Apple Music undoubtedly a public success (and yet another one to come, since rumors of the launch of a new streaming fully focused on video content); among other forces.

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In the meantime, Apple continues to strengthen its team in this area. The company's newest hire Liz Schimel, former president of Cond Nast in China, according to The Information. At Ma, she now serves as the ?head of news business? and, according to her LinkedIn profile, started working in Cupertino New York two months ago.

Apple's most plausible move to kill Texture and migrate all of that content to the Notcias app (News), making it its new news center and one of the pillars of its subscription services. If this really happens, we will only know in the future we will wait.

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