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Apple cancels sale of AppleCare plans in physical stores in Italy

AppleCare boxAfter all the controversy surrounding the announced Apple product warranty in Italy, in fact, in the European Union as a whole, the company apparently sent an email warning that authorized dealers stop selling AppleCare plans (extended warranty for the company's products) )

Umemail shared by the Italian site setteB.IT claims that Apple Retail Stores and authorized resellers should return the boxes of the extended warranty plan to Apple and also stop selling its version without a box.

The Cupertino-based company also updated the terms of AppleCare on its Italian online store, correcting the message by stating that the normal warranty was only one year, as local law requires at least two years of coverage for all products.

Italian consumers will be able to continue buying AppleCare through the country's Apple Online Store.

(via 9to5Mac)