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Android 11: Double tap gesture on the back of the phone can have several functions

Android 11: Double-tap gesture on the back of the phone can have multiple functions

In addition to its news, its source code reveals the next steps on a path to make the use of our smartphones more intuitive every day.

Gradually, the hidden features of Android 11 are discovered and activated, such as scrolling screenshots, reverse wireless charging, or the newly discovered double-touch gesture that can be performed on the back of devices.

Google is implementing a gesture on Android 11 that allows us to double tap the back to perform actions. Two touches on the front have been around for a while, now on the back a novelty.

This feature is being developed under the code name "Columbus" in honor of the Zombieland character and his famous double-touch rule. This gesture seems to trigger the Google Assistant by default, but when looking for more details in the Android 11 source code, they found that the double-touch gesture can also be customized to, for example, open the camera, control the media playback, pause timers, mute calls or delay alarms.

It seems that the user will have many customization options available to use with this new management feature.

According to the "Columbus" code, there will be a setting to "register" the double touch and its sensitivity on the back of the devices, in order to avoid accidental activations.

With that the system registers the double touch with a certain speed and outside. With the different sensors of the cell phone it will be possible to detect what kind of action is being taken at any given moment.

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