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Almost 80% of mobile activity in companies happens on iOS

Apple may be struggling to see its computers and ecosystem penetrate the business market more forcefully, but there is one aspect of the corporate world where the company is already riding the wave of mobile devices. Do you want proof? Just look at this research recently released by the data protection and transfer firm Egnyte.

Based on the analysis of more than 16 petabytes (yes, 16 million gigabytes!) Of data from its corporate clients, more than 6.5 billion activity records, the firm found that 79% of mobile activity in the business world occurs in the iOS that is, when they are at work, people use iPhones or iPads in almost 4/5 of the cases to communicate, collaborate on projects or establish connections. In this universe of iOS activity, 59% happens on iPhones and 41% on iPads.

Egnyte survey on the use of iOS in business spaces

It is also interesting to note that, among the devices most used for work (taking into account all platforms), the Top 5 dominated by Ma products, with the iPhone 7 first and the iPhone 6s, O iPad Air 2, O iPhone 7 Plus it's the iPhone 6 coming in sequence. Egnyte stated that newer (and expensive) devices like the iPhone X or the iPad Pro are all in Top 20, but not so well placed because the business market tends to update its devices less frequently than end consumers.

Among the areas in which iOS grows the most, we have as champion the segment of YOU (82%), that of media and entertainment (76%) and that of civil construction (62%). Other highlights are the areas of real estate, financial services, corporate services and health plans, all of which have grown over 50%.

Of course, it all refers to the mobile world. If the subject is computers, the scenario changes significantly: companies use PCs in 91% of time, with Macs having only 9% of the corporate market and see that this number is growing rapidly after Apple's recent efforts to establish partnerships with giants in the business world, huh! Is there a greater possibility of growth for Ma in this difficult segment?

via 9to5Mac