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Twitter gets filter that blocks unwanted nudes

After receiving images of penis in her DM, a developer created Safe DM to stop sending unwanted nudes on Twitter

Tired of receiving unwanted nudes, developer Kelsey Bressler had a great idea to stop this type of content in her DM (direct messages) from Twitter. Baptized "Safe DM", she created a plugin that can prevent penis photos from reaching her social network message box.

Bressler explains that he used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create the plugin and also trained the algorithm with real penis images. Last September, the developer asked her followers to send some of these photos so that she could take the test. "I am testing a filter in development that automatically detects chick photos in DMs and manipulates them on behalf of the user", said. More than 4,000 photos were sent.

Safe DMSafe DM official website

Last Friday (14) Buzzfeed News did a test of the blocker of nudes on Twitter, and the website revealed that the software was highly accurate. However, it is slow to delete unwanted nudes, with a delay of two to three minutes.

The North American portal tested different sizes, shapes and even colors. Here is the result: the Safe DM not only did he bar images of penises, but he also hid records of other objects that resemble the male genitalia, such as unusual shaped lipstick, blue vibrator and other penis-like items. In a BBC interview, Bressler said the plugin has a 99% success rate.

Blurred images by Safe DMWorking plugin, with images blurred by Safe DM

The software is only available for direct messages from the Twitter. But Bressler said he was talking to a major social networking company for the inclusion of Safe DM. She did not give details of the partnership, nor the name of the company. "We would like to launch this on other social media platforms and we are discussing where to go next", said the developer.

How to use Safe DM on twitter

TwitterThe exclusive Twitter plugin

Those interested in preventing nudes unwanted people can already take advantage of Bressler's technology (click here to access the plugin). To do this, simply add the plugin to your account Twitter, remembering that I need to authorize that the Safe DM get access to your direct messages.

The application scans your conversations for penis pictures. When detected, it forwards a message to the sender and recipient, stating that the content was inappropriate, and, finally, the photo excluded.

In a world where privacy is increasingly threatened, the creator leaves users alone and warns that the tool does not read text.