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Today, or whenever you want, you can grab your smartphone and be the tattoo artist on duty

The task in this application is to be seen as a game in which the accuracy of the trace is evaluated. Along the way there are several designs to overcome, among hearts, mustaches, stars, boats, dolphins, flowers and the force.

As usual, at the beginning the facilities are greater and filling is king: just put the machine in the right place and press it to fill. Believe that things get more complicated when you start having to make the contours

This will not be the supreme sum of the possible games related to tattoos, with their rather crude and basic designs, but it is also true that they are not so easy to poke (someone will save us results like that in real life!). Whoever has lived closely (or usually lives) with this universe, will certainly recognize the noise of the machine.

Ink Inc. is a recent addition to the app world and is available free of charge for Android and iOS devices.