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TeK Storefront: Make your home smarter with these 8 gadgets

Refrigerators that suggest dinner, according to what is available, present the recipe and make purchases online; ovens that automatically identify and cook food; washing machines that select the washing cycles according to the user's schedule; virtual assistants who learn the routines and tastes of each member of the home to automatically adjust the equipment connected to their needs This smart home concept is not futuristic. This equipment is already commercially available, but (for now) only available to those with a very generous family budget.

The truth is that to have a smart home you don't need to spend thousands of euros on top of the range equipment. The concept behind smart houses, smart cities and the smart living style is precisely that of saving time, natural resources and money and quality of life, comfort, convenience, productivity, better personal and family management.

Through mobile applications and the smartphone, he is currently able to turn equipment on and off, monitor the safety of his home, pets, plants, control lighting, among other examples. All of this, remotely.

At home, if you need help you can count on Alexa and Google Home virtual personal assistants. These two artificial intelligence systems are able to control, configure and manage all compatible connected devices, according to the orders and profiles of the users. By means of the slogan "Alexa" or "Ok, Google" they follow the instructions given, create daily routines (open curtains, manage house temperature, read audiobooks, make coffee, create alarms, ask for traffic information before leaving create shopping lists, choose the music you want to hear, etc.), and access other complementary services.

With Google Home, you can also access your emails, calendar, set reminders, perform searches, etc. This system allows the identification of several voice profiles, so you can access and adjust the tasks to the user who is asking for them. The biggest problem? None of the assistants speak Portuguese. If speaking English is not a problem, you only need smartspeakers, the speakers that act as a gateway to this new world: Echo Plus or Echo Dot, from Amazon, and Google Home speakers.

Most smart devices are compatible with Alexa or Google Home, but can be controlled independently through an app. That is, even if you are not a virtual assistant, you can use and enjoy the advantages offered by these devices.

Here are some examples: