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Talkdesk will launch 20 products to ‚Äúrevolutionize‚ÄĚ contact centers. Virtual Agent is the first novelty

"Revolutionizing" the contact center industry is a Talkdesk goal for 2020. To this end, the Portuguese company will launch 20 new products on the market in the first 20 weeks of this year, through the Talkdesk 20-in-20 program. The first novelty is the Virtual Agent, a voice chat assistant that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the consumer experience.

According to the company, the Virtual Agent will allow companies to serve their customers through a robot that talks even outside the working hours of the contact centers. With the help of AI, the system analyzes the client's intentions and interacts in the conversation as if it were a person, the company guarantees.

In practice, the product gives customers the possibility to solve common problems when "human collaborators" are not available, and they can also release them during periods of higher traffic. In financial terms, Talkdesk argues that the system can help reduce costs and optimize people's involvement, improving the customer experience and the operational efficiency of the contact center.

In a statement, the software company in the cloud for contact centers defends that the program will translate into "significant advances for the consumer experience sector" in several aspects, among which collaboration, personalization and digital transformation. at the event organized by Talkdesk in So Francisco, in April, OpenTalk, which the program will culminate.