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Photoshop turns 30 and presents new tools based on artificial intelligence (AI)

Source: AdobeSource: Adobe

This week, the classic image editing program, Photoshop, is completing 30 years! Even after three decades, the software remains relevant as a platform for processing figures, with great use in the professional environment. According to Scott Belsky, Adobe's product director, the program has approximately 20 million active users per month (considering Photoshop Express only).

Adobe plans to expand Photoshop to other mobile platforms

After the release of a version of the program in the form of an app for iPad last year, the company plans to expand its presence to other mobile platforms by developing improvements in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company also recently launched an app called Fresco, a painting-oriented program on iOS that can tell if a photo has been manipulated or not.

In celebration of Photoshop's thirty years, the company is making new tools available, which use AI, in the desktop and iPad versions. For this, the software uses the Sensei tool, launched in 2016.

What's new in Photoshop Express to celebrate 30 years

Among the novelties, one that will arrive soon will be the possibility of filling with content recognition for several objects at once. Through this new tool, it will be possible to remove objects and fill the space with the background used (based on your selection). Example: In the image below we have a green leaf that was removed and at the same time the empty space was automatically replaced with the pink ice cream background.

Filling functionality with content recognition. Source: thenextwebFilling functionality with content recognition. Source: thenextweb

Another novelty is the improvement of the lens blur function that accepts photos with the depth map. This new functionality depends only on the processing of the GPU (the CPU not used), thus offering, according to the company, a more realistic feeling.

There is also the option, for users of the app on the iPad, in the dark mode, so that they have less battery consumption and are more comfortable to work with.

It is not yet known when the new features will be made available.

Check out a demonstration of the first version of Photoshop below:

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Source: The Verge, TheNextWeb

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