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Part of the iOS 9 source code would have been leaked by an intern – and Apple already knew!

There is a reputation around the corporate world that interns are those who normally do a lot of nonsense. How would I intern here MacMagazine, I can say that this is not always true. ? But the truth that this fame is not as wrong as I would like

You know the big leak that occurred this week, in which a piece of the source code (including the iBoot, one of the components of the secure boot) of iOS 9 was released on the web? So believe it or not, this ?work? would have been done by an intern, as stated by Motherboard.

According to sources in the vehicle, in 2016 the intern would have taken part of the code and distributed it to just a group of five friends, who are supposed to contribute to the community jailbreak and would use the information for security-related research.

One of those friends told the site that the ex-employee ?pulled everything, all kinds of internal tools and stuff?, but the intention was that everything would remain just between them, even for fear of legal problems with Apple. Eventually (as always happens in these cases), the code was shared more widely and the original group of people lost control of its spread.

Regarding the safety of its products, Apple has already said that there are "several layers of protection" and that this information alone would not be enough to enter the system. Maybe that?s why there wasn?t such a big concern when the company discovered the leak that, according to Motherboard, it would have been even before the code reached GitHub, by someone not connected to the five friends.

?I personally never wanted this code to see the light of day. Not out of greed, but out of fear of the legal problems that would result. Apple's internal community is full of curious children and teenagers. I knew that one day, if these kids could do it, they would be silly enough to share on GitHub.

() Within the stupidity, we did our best to try to ensure that everything leaked (only after the code was) old.

() What leaked yesterday not even the total leak. The original leak is not a copy.

Statements from friends who received the leaked material.

Also according to Motherboard, an Apple employee said he knew of the leak before it was published on GitHub, but did not confirm exactly when the company found out about the stolen code.

The intern who originally stole the code did not want to comment or talk about it as he would have signed a confidentiality agreement with Apple which further corroborates the fact that the company knew about the leak and wanted, somehow, to control a possible negative repercussion.

I only know one thing: I didn't want to be in this man's shoes friend a, no ?

via The Verge