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Nintendo Switch Lite has a new color. New arrival in the United States in April

For those who were tired of the traditional colors of Switch Lite, Nintendo announced this Tuesday a new console color, this time coral, which will become an option from April 3 in the United States. Thus, the console available in yellow, gray and turquoise now has a new option, at a time when the coronavirus may cause the company to face difficulties in distributing its Switch consoles to the United States of America and Europe.

In a statement, the company explains that the equipment will be sold for 199.99 dollars in the United States, having been developed with the aim of bringing more console personality. However, there is no point in Nintendo launching a new model color if it is unable to distribute it later in the United States. This Monday, a news item advanced by Bloomberg ensures that the likelihood of the company facing difficulties in supplying Switch consoles in April, due to the Coronavirus, is high.

Nintendo Switch Lite Coral

According to information released by various sources to the website, the virus is affecting a partner of the Vietnamese company. If proven, this situation can lead to delays in the distribution of consoles in the European and North American markets.

Nintendo's announcement follows a "gift" from the brand unveiled this month, with the company making a surprise to the most acrimonious fans of Animal Crossing. On March 20, on the same day that the latest chapter of the series launched, a special and limited edition of Switch also arrives.

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