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Mobile game Asked 2 creates Carnival event with 1.8 million questions

Mobile game Asked 2 creates Carnival event with 1.8 million questions

The popular mobile game developed by Etermax, Pergutados, is coming with the special carnival event. You will find questions related to Carnival 2020 festivities both in the game Questions 2 and Questions. There are more than 1.8 million questions related to the Brazilian event.

2 asked to have "Carnival Roulette" with chances of winning several rewards

In the most recent title in the franchise, Asked 2, the first thing the player will notice is the game's startup screen, which shows Hector, Tina, Tito, Bonzo, Albert and Pop, game characters, along with the roulette Willy, no center, dressed in Carnival costumes. In addition to the theme for the event, there will also be the "Carnival Roulette", where players will have the chance to win and collect rewards from the Carnival season. The exclusive roulette of the event will be activated when the person has 200 correct questions about the theme or when making the purchase of items within the game.

Carnival RouletteCarnival Roulette

Brazilians are among the most engaged in Asked Questions

The Questioned game is now available in 34 languages ??and in 180 countries. In addition, the title has already reached the first place in 125 nations in the ranking of mobile trivia games. Altogether, there are approximately 150 million active players annually and among them, 17 million are Brazilian, concentrated in cities such as So Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Braslia, Fortaleza and Belo Horizonte. Brazil obtained the 2nd place in the ranking of number of downloads, behind only the USA.


  • The question related to Carnival with the highest average number of hits in Asks: "How is Brazil known worldwide?" (correct answer: Soccer country and Carnival).
  • The question with the highest average of errors "Where does the Rio de Janeiro Carnival parade take place? (Correct answer: Marqus de Sapuca).

Asked today has three free titles (Asked, Asked 2 and Asked Kingdoms), several products and its animated series "Triviatopia", available in Portuguese, Spanish and English. In addition, the game is a pioneer in the use of virtual voice assistants to play and can be used through devices with support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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