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Macs continue to gain space in the American corporate market

Apple is constantly adding more features to OS X and developing even more beautiful, thin, light and powerful computers resulting in more interest from different markets.

Graph - Growth in various segments of the computer market

One of them is the American corporate market, a segment in which Apple is growing strongly. According to Charlie Wolf, of Needham & Company, Macs saw a 49.5% growth year on year in this market. In contrast, PCs are down 13.3% from the previous year.

As they become more present at corporate desks or executive folders, Macs also increase their share of total revenue from the corporate market. Last year, Apple computers accounted for just 10.7% of that number, but in the third quarter of this year it snapped up a generous 17.4%.

Graph - Revenue share of the American corporate computer market during the third quarter of 2012

Wolf believes that much of this growth is because Apple is now working to make its products more compatible with Windows infrastructure.

With 4.9 million Macs sold during the past quarter, Apple saw growth of just 1% compared to 2011. However, PCs performed even worse: 8% * less * were sold.

(via AppleInsider)