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How to transfer AppleCare from an old device to a new one

Many should not know, but it is possible to transfer the AppleCare Protection Plan or the AppleCare + from an old device to a new one. AppleCare, for those who don't know, is the extended warranty that Apple offers for its products.

Difference between plans

The AppleCare Protection Plan is Ma's old extended warranty plan and is still sold in some countries, such as Brazil. With it, you basically extend a product warranty to two years (in the case of iPad, Apple TV and iPod) or three years (for Mac). It can be purchased up to the last day of the appliance's factory warranty.

AppleCare +

AppleCare + is Ma's new plan, which, in addition to extending the warranty to two or three years, offers protection against accidental damage (two accidents during 24 or 36 months of coverage). Since it offers this protection against accidental damage, the plan must be purchased within 60 days of purchase.

AppleCare automatic download

Here is the easiest part: if your product is exchanged for a new one due to some defect, AppleCare will be transferred to this new device fully automatically, without you having to worry about anything. If by chance this transfer of coverage is not possible (I honestly can't imagine any scenario that will happen), Apple is sure to offer some other option to the customer.

Manual AppleCare download

To make an AppleCare transfer between devices, you need to have the following documents in hand:

  • The AppleCare plan number that is on the proof of coverage.
  • The device serial number currently covered by the AppleCare plan.
  • The new device serial number.
  • The invoice for the AppleCare plan and the two devices.

With the documents properly separated, you should then contact Apple to begin the transfer process, either through the company's own website or by calling 0800-761-0880 (stating that you ?need help with an AppleCare product transfer) ?).

Transfer in the USA and other countries

Currently, here in Brazil, it is still not possible to purchase AppleCare + for iPhones and Apple Watches, as shown by the Brazilian Apple support page. Only the extended warranty for Macs, iPads, Apple TVs and iPods is sold here. However, this does not prevent you from purchasing AppleCare + for Ma's smartphone or smartwatch, as long as you buy it in the USA or in any other country where this plan is marketed we even teach you how to do it completely online, without leaving your home . ?

If you have an AppleCare + protecting your iPhone or Apple Watch and want to transfer it to a new device, you will necessarily have to contact Apple support in the USA (or in the country where you purchased such protection), either over the internet or by phone (1-800-694-7466 for iPhones and 1-800-275-2273 for Apple Watches) contacted Apple Brazil support and confirmed this information.

Why download AppleCare?

There are some cases in which downloading AppleCare makes sense. The clearest of all, no doubt, when you buy a new product, you don't get used to it and want to change it. We can give you an example of buying an iPhone X, not getting along with the many new gestures and the new method of biometric authentication (Face ID) and wanting to switch to an iPhone 8 a few days or weeks after buying the X with AppleCare +.

Another interesting example: you bought the iPhone X at launch and want to sell it now to buy the ?Xs?, which will be launched at this special event this afternoon. Of course, when you buy the ?iPhone Xs?, you will have a one year warranty (same coverage period that you still have on the iPhone X purchased at launch). The problem is that, with the factory warranty of the ?Xs?, you are not entitled to cover for accidental damage, something very useful in the case of a phone made almost 100% of glass. So, it makes perfect sense to make this transfer from AppleCare +.

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