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Gmail will be updated with filters to facilitate email search

Google will update Gmail with new features in email search, to help users find what they?re looking for. To this end, search chips will be introduced to facilitate content filtering and to find the exact email. Imagine that a colleague sent you a file, thus being able to search by your name and through the chips, search for the type of file, be it PDF, text documents, as well as a certain period to mark what you are looking for.

The manufacturer says that the changes were based on user feedback, in order to make the search faster and more intuitive. It will be an option introduced by default and in its launch will also have filters that allow you to exclude certain types of results, such as calendar updates or simple conversations.

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It should also be noted that the filters will be able to be combined with the elements referred to above, including the name, the type of file and the time window it received.

For now, the update has already started to be distributed to registered users of G Suite in the first 15 days, followed by all others.