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Galaxy Z Fold: Samsung's new generation of foldable smartphones doesn't “improve” on repairability

To see if the hinges on the Galaxy Z Flip are so resistant to dust when Samsung claims, iFixit technicians decided to put the smartphone in a bag with colored sand. The experience showed that the reality is quite different from that promised by the South Korean manufacturer: that the strange noises coming from the cellphone when opening it and the amount of purple powder that came out of it say so.

Getting inside the Galaxy Z Flip was not a very complicated task for technicians at iFixit, although they had to deal with all the colored powder that managed to infiltrate some important components. Removing the motherboard, the experts arrived at the two batteries of the smartphone, which actually have a combined capacity of 2,370 mAh as opposed to the promised 3,300 mAh.

Large amounts of glue have again become a headache for iFixit specialists, having found it, for example, under the batteries and around the plastic frame of the display. As for the display, the iFixit analysis reveals that there is, in fact, a layer of ultra-thin glass, that is, covered by a plastic one.

Experts say it is true that the Galaxy Z Flip can be folded in a different way, however, the update to the smartphone is not surprising, especially with regard to its level of repairability. Thus, the smartphone reaches a score of 2 in 10, failing to surpass that of its predecessor.

Repairability score from iFixit Credits: iFixit

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