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Coronavirus: Quarantine increases download of video game applications in China

A recently published report by consultant App Annie shows that the number of mobile application downloads has been growing exponentially in China. In all, since February 2, more than 222 million installations have been registered through the App Store, especially games applications.

According to the data to which the Financial Times had access, the average number of downloads recorded during the first two weeks of February in China represents an increase of 40% compared to the values ??verified in the whole of 2019.

Analysts at App Annie say the sudden growth is related to the imposition of a quarantine period that forced tens of millions of people to stay at home. This year, the number of downloads continued to grow even after the Chinese New Year holidays, driven by millions of workers and students looking for alternative ways to carry out the activities they did on a daily basis, experts say.

Application categories with the most downloads in China Credits: App Annie / FT

Video games lead the list of most installed applications, exceeding 60 million weekly downloads, corresponding to a boost of 150 billion dollars for the gaming industry. In the second place of the podium is the category of education, with almost 20 million installations, followed by entertainment, with about 15 million.

With regard to applications, China also launched the Close Contact Detector, which alerts individuals if they have been in close contact with someone infected with COVID-19. The use of technology to track patients is becoming increasingly common in the country. The Chinese government has been using the population surveillance systems previously implemented to monitor the evolution of the outbreak and to try to contain it.

It is recalled that COVID-19 is having a strong impact on the technological world. The outbreak that has already infected more than 75,000 people and caused, to date, around 2,000 deaths, led to the cancellation of the 2020 edition of Mobile World Congress and Facebook's Global Markiting Summit, which could also cause difficulties in the distribution of Nintendo systems. Switch and postpone the arrival of the new iPad.