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Check out what's new in the second season of Fortnite Chapter 2!

Check out the news of the second season of Fortnite Captulo 2!

After a long first season of Fortnite Captulo 2, today the second season debuts. For now there are no patch notes, so players are reporting what they are detecting that has been changed. At first glance, new areas were added to the map with NPCs for battle, as well as new items and more skin customization options.

Second season of Fortnite Chapter 2 called "Top Secret"

Epic Games called the "Top Secret" the second season and it was focused on espionage. There are two faces, Ghost and Shadow, that I will battle with each other. In addition, there was a change in the battle pass menu, now styled in the form of a secret agent's hideout, adding new battle pass challenges and rewards. There are a number of interesting things, but there are exclusive skin options depending on the facet chosen in battle passes.

Some players believe that the war between faces shows us more than just new clothes. In addition, it was observed that there were changes in the map such as Eye Land and a new area outside of Slurpy Swamp, both bases that have NPC henchmen with towers and cameras around. NPC fighters fight formidably, and once defeated, the player will be able to obtain special temporary abilities such as, for example, being able to see where the bats and other enemy NPCs are.

Players reported that in one of the rewards for defeating NPCs, a key card came that unlocked an Apex Legends-style safe with XP loot and gold coins. It is somewhat difficult to deal with NPCs and at the same time observe the movements of enemy players, but in the end the areas where they are located are fun.

Among the changes felt in the battle pass are:

– Characters, called "Agents", have missions where you can choose between Ghost or Shadow, which unlock exclusive bonus skins for each phaco.

– Character Maya has her own menu, where it is possible to obtain combination options such as clothes, face paintings, tattoos, through the completion of specific weekly challenges.

– Certain battle pass characters have unique characteristics: the skin of Midas of level 100 can "turn weapons and vehicles into gold during the game", while other skins have emotes or mountable gliders. Features that appear to be cosmetic only.

The battle pass screen leads to a hideout where there are weekly challenges specific to the superhero Deadpool. The American comic book anti-hero from Marvel appears at the end of the introduction trailer for the new season's battle pass and is believed to be a unique skin.

A new item has been found this new season, a cartridge that can be hurled to deal damage. According to the Fortnite Intel website, the grapplers and C4 have returned, in addition to an item that resembles Metal Gear, called Creeping Cardboard, which works like a bush.

Team Rumble received an update as well. Check out the changes below:

– Reimplantation of the glider does not take up more space in the inventory

– All weapons are at the blue level or better

– Elimination target increased to 125

Now there is a bizarre character who has a muscular body and a "cute" cat head, called Meowscles. Does he sing or dance?

Character Meowscles. Source: FortniteCharacter Meowscles. Source: Fortnite

According to the video posted on Twitter, it will now be possible to play consumables as bandages.

Players also reported that toilets can teleport across the map.

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Source: Kotaku

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